software development

First Tower Software Limited is a software development and IT consultancy company based in Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

Our services include consultancy and contract based work for software development and IT projects. Our primary focus is in mathematical and geometric modeling software, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and simulation. However, our expertise extends to various aspects of the software and IT universe and spans the entire software lifecycle, from inception and design to deployment and maintenance.

No matter how well-defined or vague your problem may be, and regardless of the scope and size of your project, we are keen to hear from you, discuss your requirements and realise the solution that best suits your needs. :: Tel. +44 1534 721443 ::

First Tower Software Limited is a limited company registered in Jersey. Registration Number: 100183 Registered Business Office: Florence, 3 La Hougue Avenue, La Grande Route de St Jean, JE2 3HL, Jersey, Channel Islands